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Hej !!!

Tack for reading my blog, m very happy to share my experience with you all.

Till now, i have travelled Sundsvall and Gavle, Äland, Ferilla and Ljusdal. In Sweden there is electricity for 24hrs,  where we have 13hrs light cut off daily which is quite boringL . Sweden is 3 times bigger than Nepal so its difficult to travel many places in the short time.  There is good accessibility to travel any place due to construction of road and train track either in the dense forest or in the coastal area. Almost every one drive themselves and fallow the rule of road strictly which makes me realise driver in Nepal should drive responsibily.


Traffic situation in Kathmandu

Its so strange to share i was born in an elevation of 2258m (Bhandar), above sea level which in compare to Sweden is the highest mountain Kebnekaise 2097m.  And Jimmy (father of Bobby), asked do i need oxygen in that altitude ? No we are used to havet that elevation, there might be some altitude sickness above 3500m only.


Sundsvall, 240 meters …

People in Sweden loves cat, and dog very much.


Rescued dog in Kathmandu

They have got luxurious place to sleep, eat and warm room temperature, regular walk, i must say they are quiet lucky than us. And cat are often more healthier one as compare to cat in my country, may be its due to good diet and luxury.

Even the pet animal has got right here, where as in Nepal some people still have to fight to human right time and again.


Travelling on a cruise for the first time was new experience.

DSC00984 (3)

SAM_3869It was 7 floor cruise in which around 1000 people were travelling for day out in weekend. It had got shopping center, restaurent, car parking, buffet table with lots of variety of cuisine, where i tasted Olive, Salmon, esp pancake from Äland, & many other food for first time.


Due to flow of wind in opposite direction the cruise was unbalance sometime with the flow of water. Bobby showed all the department inside cruise and we took lot of pictures in the balcony of ship.


Since we travel most places in the car and train, and sit all the time (Less active physically), it was so good to the gym `Korpen`  and burn calories which i have gain.


It was  quite big as compare my club gym, with lots of machines and i was suprised to see the old people doing exercises and maintaining themselves.

Tacksomikya !!!

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