Med pirrande mage och stapplande steg / English

Or: With tingling belly and stumbling steps

How proud I am, do you think? Eeey?

In August, a fine anthology, called With tingling belly and stumbling steps will be published. It contains thirteen short stories for children and about children, on how it can be to start school and discover a new world.


”It is about everyday situations, dreams and expectations, but also on bullying and exclusion.”

Hooray,” someone says, ”that´s great”. Well, sure it is. It’s always fun when there is a new collection of short stories in which I have the privilege to participate.

But this time, it feels extra good.

The fact is that my dear father-in-law is making his debut as a writer. Mister James Aynsley, just turned 89, can nowadays call himself a novelist.

Say, isn´t that amazing?

James showed me a warm and sweet story he had written, and I thought it would do well in the planned anthology for schoolchildren. It is intended to be used as study material or reading and at discussions at home. With my father-in-laws approval, I sent it in, and the short story was accepted11781764_10153427692575446_2724394036152017307_nOn the back cover of the book is his and my names. It is so awesome!

SAM_0999We have grilled this cool summer evening. My father-in-law was here and munched on some Texas Longhorn ribs together with me and my husband’s two children. We showed them the cover of the anthology, the same cover you see above. James has no computer himself. 

Expect that you will read more stories from this good gentleman in the future, he has had an eventful and exciting life and has a lot of things to write about.

Around the 20th of August, With tingling belly and stumbling steps will be published, just in time for the school start.

Do you have preschool or school children? If you work with children or grandchildren who will start school, then maybe these stories are something for you.

Click here to order one or more items (from James or me) for the facile sum of SEK 150 (plus postage).







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